27 December 2015

New Year Resolution 2016

As we are heading toward the end of 2015, it is also the time to pen down my thoughts on what is the new year resolution for the coming year.

For 2016, these are the action items that I hope to achieve.

1) I want to be more actively writing my blog.
I had not been writing actively for 2015 so for 2016, I hope to clock at least 52 posts which equate to 1 post per week.

2) I want to save more than S$10k for 2016.
I did not manage to save S$10k for 2015 due to commitment for raising my children, paying of car loan, holidays and etc. Relying on my primary job income is not enough, hence I need to source for passive income to improve my savings. This can be through writing of blog and earn income online from advertisement. Another possibility I can think of is to be an Uber driver. I am still considering this option and would like to research more before I act on it.

3) I want to exercise regularly and eat healthy to maintain my weight.
My BMI is 25.33 which belongs to the overweight category. As age is catching up, I need to eat healthy and also exercise regularly. Gone are the days whereby I can eat anything I want and not getting fat when I'm young. So the target I set for myself is to have BMI below 25.

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