01 January 2017

Welcome 2017 and New Year Resolution

Happy New Year everyone, a brand new start to the beginning. It's the time to pen down my thoughts on what I hope to achieve for the coming year.

1) To save at least S$10k in 2017
I did not manage to save S$10k for last year due to the commitment of raising our children. We had put them in a childcare from 8am to 7pm as both of us need to work. The childcare fees in Singapore is not cheap, costing about $1,200 per month for one children. Lucky, my elder daughter had gone to primary school, if not it will cost us $2,400 per month. Our mortgage loan was taken care of by CPF. According to Fed, there will be an increase of interest rate for 2 to 3 times this year, this will certainly impact on our mortgage repayment loan. We also had an outstanding of car loan to pay for another 2.5 years. During school holiday, we also bringing our children oversea for holidays, a typical Singaporean family lifestyle. In order to achieve this goal, first, my income has to increase and second, I must lower down my expenses. Income from my day job is rather quite fixed. A typical 3% increment yearly if no promotion. Hence I have to look for other alternatives to grow my income, but this should not compromise my time to spend with my children and the family.

2) To run a total of 250km in 2017
I had run a total of 194km for 2016. I want to stretch the number to 250km for this year. So more times have to set aside for regular exercise and run to maintain a healthy lifestyles. As age is catching up, we odd to exercise more. As the saying goes, health is wealth. Without health, we are unable to enjoy the harvest we had reaped.

3) To participate 3 charity events in 2017
I had participated 2 charity events in 2016. One is at Thong Teck Home For Senior Citizens, whereby I helped to distribute lunch packets to the old folks on wheelchairs and also chat with them while they had their lunch. The other one is at Old Saints Home, whereby I participate in a workshop with the old folks to use ornament to decorate and soil plant in a small box. A rather unique experience with the old folks.

4) To read 6 books in 2017
I had bought 5 books recently but have yet to read. The books that I bought are Alibaba - The House That Jack Ma Built and 4 books from Teh Hooi Ling, $how Me The Money. I will finish it by this year and get another one when I had completed the 5 books. Any good recommendations?