04 January 2018

New Year 2018 post

I had not been blogging much recently as I had lost interest in blogging on my route to financial freedom. I am still investing actively but just not active in blogging. To think of what topic to write, is kind of making me work even harder in blog sphere which is not what I want to achieve. Probably write a few pieces of articles along the way just to remind myself what had happened in life and also on my route to financial freedom.

Some points to reflect what had been happened in Year 2017.

1) I terminated my Investment-Link Policy (ILP) somewhere in 11 Apr 2017 which I had been pondering for quite sometime whether to terminate or not. I think I made the correct decision to cut losses and terminate the policy and channelled the money into my portfolio investment. I took back about $19,400 and suffered a loss of about $14,000 after investing in this ILP for 17 years. My advice is not to invest in any ILP with any insurance company. No one care about your money more than you do. Learn the hard way, pick up investment and invest your own money to take charge of your finances.

2) I was not promoted in 2017. I had been with my existing company for 3 years. Is it that I had not done enough to warrant a promotion or the timing is just not right? Something which I need to think about it on my career for the new year.

3) I began to realise for investment, it does not mean that to take profit off the table is good all the times. Some investment like REITS should not sell as you might not be able to buy back the price that you had bought previously if you sell. I tend to sell early to lock down the profit and I lose out on more profits and the investment just keep on heading north. With the capital and profit back into the warchest, I bought other undervalued stocks that seem to be a good investment and end up in the red, waiting for the stocks to turn back and hence bringing down my networth. Well, some mistakes are better to realise early when your portfolio is still not that huge yet. We can still improve along the way on investment. So for the new year, my investment thesis is to trade lesser and invest for income.

4) In terms of health, I had not been taking any MC for 2017. I am very proud that my health had improved. I will continue my routine jog and swim to keep fit and stay healthy.

That's all for now. Will post whenever I had something to share upon. See you next time.