03 April 2017

1Q 2017 Portfolio Update

Stock NameNo of SharesCurrent PriceTotal Value
Sembcorp Industries4000$3.20$12,800

Capital Invested$30,965
Current Market Value of Portfolio$32,330
Total Dividend Collected 2017-
Total Capital Gain 2017$1,372.03
Total Investment Gain 2017$1,372.03

The 1Q of the year had been rewarding for me as I had made a realised capital gain of $1,372.03. The projected investment gain for my portfolio in 2017 is $2,250.43 and I had already achieved more than half the value. If I include the unrealised gain of the current market value of my portfolio gain of $1,365, the total investment gain would be $2,737 which had already surpassed my projected gain for 2017. Looks like this year will be a good year for me as I will be expecting more returns into my portfolio.

Last month, I received my performance bonus and was really happy that it is a good bonus among my peers. This bonus added up is equivalent to 30.8% of my annual income. With more income, I will be able to save more money and pump into my investment portfolio which translated into more passive incomes. All in all, 2017 is a good year for investors as compare with 2016. STI had achieved a positive gain of more than 10% since the beginning of the year. Let's see the positive sentiments can last how long. Probably in May whereby investors start selling and go for holiday in June.