04 February 2014

Hutchison Port Holdings Trust

Hutchison Port Holdings Trust ("HPH Trust") is the first publicly traded Container Port Business Trust listed on 18th March 2011 on SGX mainboard through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) with an offer price of USD$1.01. The first day closing trading price is USD$0.95. HPH Trust's current total number of issued shares of 8,795,976,880 shares, it's market capitalisation is approximately USD$5.6 billion at closing.

HPH Trust is affiliated with Hutchison Port Holdings ("HPH"), the global leader in the container port industry by throughput and a subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa Limited ("HWL").

HPH Trust's investment mandate is principally to invest in, develop, operate and manage deep-water container ports in the Pearl River Delta, while aiming to provide investors with stable and regular distributions as well as long-term Distribution Per Unit ("DPU") growth.
HPH Trust's portfolio consists of controlling interests in world class deep-water container port assets, namely Hongkong International Terminals ("HIT") and Asia Container Terminals ("ACT") in Kwai Tsing Port, Hong Kong and Yantian International Container Terminals ("YICT") in Shenzhen Port, PRC. HPH Trust also has 50% interest in COSCO-HIT Terminals ("COSCO-HIT") in Kwai Tsing Port. The assets also comprise certain port ancillary services and river ports complementary to the deep-water container ports operated by HPH Trust.

The share price had drop by 35% since the IPO on 18th March 2011 which could turn off investor to invest on this Trust due to their poor performance. However, from another perspective, this stock gives an annual dividend of approximately 9.4% per annum, which give an option to investor who is looking for high dividend yield stock.

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