18 February 2014

18 February 2014 Portfolio update

Stock NameNo of SharesAverage PricePrice
Mapletree GCC6000$0.88$5,266.14
Frasers Centrepoint Ltd5000$1.56$7,817.44

Total Invested Capital$13,083.58
Total Dividend Collected 2014$269.00
Total Capital Gain 2014-$357.72
Total Investment Gain 2014-$88.72

Today I decided to sell off my 5000 shares of HPH Trust that I am holding for 3 months as there is no sign of growth from the share value I invested on it. Even after the XD, the share value drop as much as 5 cents which is more than the dividend of 22.30 HK cents given. After deducting the dividend, suffer a loss of $175 approximately which I think is not a big loss as it free up some of my funds to invest on other good prospective stocks in the next coming months. The sad thing will be if there is a good prospective stock and there is insufficient funds to invest on it. So it is always wise to have some opportunity funds in the event there is correction in the market.

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