29 February 2016

February 2016 Portfolio Update

Stock NameNo of SharesCurrent PriceCurrent Value
Keppel Corp1000$5.160 $5,160
Accordia Golf Trust9000$0.585$5,265
Total Value$13,275

This month portfolio recovered back 8.43% from the recent drop of 20% show here. But my portfolio is still down 12%. Things are slightly better this month as the economy start to recover from the January massive selling. However, there is still no strong indication whether the economy will be heading towards north or south moving forward.

There is no movement in my portfolio this month as I am on the wait and see situation. Another thing is I am waiting for my bonus to come in next month to inject more funds into my war chest. This month Accordia reported strong set of results for the 3Q as compared to 1 year ago, I am happy that it is doing very well and will be expecting more returns from them in the next income distribution. As for NeraTel, the full year result is not as promising as Accordia and they have reduced their income distribution from 2 cents to 1 cent per share. I will still keep a look out on NeraTel but will not be increasing my exposure on them for the time being until I see better result from the management.

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