18 July 2014

Down Payment on my new Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6

I had not been active in my blog for the past months as I was quite busy lately especially I had just completed my In-Camp Training (ICT) today and also the one month of World Cup 2014 fever. This is my second high-key ICT. I am delighted to meet up with past colleagues and new NSF friends from the central pool. It was a good break but given a choice I will still prefer to go back to work rather than put on the SAF uniform.

Last Sunday, my wife and I went to Borneo Motors to make the down payment for our new car, Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 finally. We had been thinking for the past months on when to make our purchase for the new car as my existing car is going to be 10 years soon. We trade in our Toyota Vios and got a guarantee COE bid within 3 months. The deal was S$116,488 after all the "discounts". Indeed it was not cheap but we decided to go ahead on the purchase as we need a car badly for the family. Hopefully for the next subsequent COE bid, the price will come down and we can get some further "discount" on our purchase. The COE rebate value for our package is 58k. If the COE price goes down below 58k, we will sort of getting more rebates.

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